Protocol Highlights

Cardinal Rule: Work with an Expert

Cancer is a relentless disease and all advanced cancer patients and/or caregivers must work with an expert, either in person or by detailed documentation, to deal with the many things a caregiver needs to know about treating advanced cancer. The experience of an expert is many times more important than common sense.

Almost by definition, this protocol will be used by advanced cancer patients, but can be used for any stage or type of cancer.

Upon elimination of toxins from the body we have heard time and again how much better a person feels almost immediately, leaving the person feeling calm and relaxed, clear headed and a sense of well-being. One needs to understand this in detail. This is one of many reasons for working with an expert when possible.

The critical issue of detoxification is covered in detail in the video series, but is beyond the scope of this article.

You must remember when dealing with the toxic load created by any of the fast-acting alternative cancer treatments, such as this one, you need to understand the symptoms of the detoxification load and all of your options for dealing with the toxic load, especially with regards to protecting the liver.

This is a potent treatment, do not underestimate the need for good information.