Chapter 10
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Chapter 10: Addressing Immediate Issues While Cellect on Order/Backorder; Additional Options Where Needed



Dealing with shipping delays when time is of the essence.
Jim Kelmun; Maple Syrup and Baking Soda protocol.
Options if Cellect on order/backorder or cannot be shipped to a certain country.
Benefits of Vitamin K2; include moving calcium into proper areas of the body, removal of excess calcium in areas where it shouldn’t be and dosage.
Coral calcium options and the use of cod liver oil.
Liquid vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement for adults; Vibe Fusion/dosage.
Liquid vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement for children; Vibe Children’s/dosage
Can people take Cellect-Budwig or both when taking chemotherapy or radiation?
Products and protocols that will interfere with the Cellect-Budwig protocol.
My thoughts on the use of medical marijuana, cannabis, hemp and essential oils with the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

Duration: 18:14