Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Coffee Enemas Adults and Children; the Lymphatic System



Your cancer is going down much faster than normal; what are you doing?
I looked at her and said; “I knew you were”, with her replying “how did you know I was doing coffee enemas”?
Color photo of a person’s lymphatic system.
Could you give us some more detail on what the lymphatic system does?
So, that’s how you knew I was doing coffee enemas.
Dr. Richard Schulze comments on the use of Hydrotherapy.
Moving blood flow in and out of an area including blocked lymph vessels in the skin.
Do you know how this is done?
Three very important reasons for doing coffee enemas where possible.
My thoughts for people bad mouthing coffee enemas.
Why coffee enemas alleviate the pain of cancer in many cases.
Case example of Pancreatic Cancer; best first hand case of how powerful a coffee enema can be to relieve the pain.
How does a person go about doing a coffee enema; purchasing the coffee and supplies.
Demonstration of putting together a coffee enema bucket kit.
Steps involved in doing the coffee enema procedure using my wife, Cherie, for example.
Coffee enemas and people sensitive to caffeine.
The big day has arrived for doing the first coffee enema the Cherie way.
Coffee enemas where a patient cannot lay on one side or the other due to physical condition or bed bound patients.
Cherie’s increase of coffee enemas due to toxic die-off.
Coffee enemas and hemorrhoid issues.
Juicing to keep electrolytes in balance when doing coffee enemas.
Coffee enemas and potassium depletion.
Trouble shooting coffee enema issues if encountered.
Information for detox symptoms encountered.
Children and coffee enemas; including additional information in reference page on the website.

Duration: 49:44