Chapter 15
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Chapter 15: Dr. Kelley’s Answer to Cancer; Addressing Digestive and Blockage Issues; Enzyme Supplementation and Activation



Dr. William Kelley; the best of the best.
Was Dr. Kelley’s success rate in treating cancer patients really 90%?
Produced his first copy of “One Answer to Cancer” in a 38-page booklet December of 1967.
Revenge of the establishment.
What were they trying to stop and why?
Dr. Kelley’s comment that 86% of all cancer conditions could be.
Three triggers in developing cancer.
Dr. Kelley’s comments on the over consumption of animal protein and enzyme depletion.
The disease commonly referred to as cancer by the medical community is nothing more than the failure.
Dr. John Beard’s discovery from over 100 years ago, of the body’s primary mechanism for destroying cancer with no toxic side effects.
Dr. Kelley’s program; the 5 steps of metabolic medicine cancer cure.
Dr. Kelley’s comments on the order of digestion.
Stomach digestive issues.
HCL information and dosage.
Issues involving the small intestine, blockage, pancreas and activation of pancreatic enzymes.
Possible symptoms or signs enzymes not activating.
A very good case example.
The danger of acid blockers.
Correcting the digestive issue and proper activation of enzymes.
What is Okra Pepsin E3, what does it do, how does it work and what is the proper dosage?
Stripping the mucous lining from the small intestine.
The use of Psyllium Husk Powder and dosage.
Supplementation of additional enzymes.
Understanding digestive and systemic enzyme supplementation and application for cancer and non-cancer related health issues.
Five primary actions of systemic enzymes; this will include how they address inflammation, pain, swelling, cancer mass, tumors, fibroids, fibrin, fibrosis, scar tissue, cysts, blood clots and much more.
Enzymes and blood.
Enzymes, antibodies, and the immune system attacking itself.
Enzymes and viruses.
Enzymes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Duration: 34:29