Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: Introduction of Enzymes to Patients on Blood Thinners; Enzymes and Recent Surgeries



Blood thinners and the Cellect-Budwig protocol.
Side effect of blood thinners.
Looks like an overkill of blood thinners.
Flax Oil and the impact on blood.
Cod liver oil and the impact on blood.
Addition of enzymes to the protocol and the blood.
Enzymes, cancer cells and tumors.
Working with the doctor to back down the blood thinners.
Bring the blood back to its natural order.
Correcting the blood naturally without the use of blood thinners.
The benefits of enzymes go way beyond what a blood thinner can do.
Informing the doctor of what you are doing.
Enzymes and recent surgeries.
Dr. Wong’s comments on the non-cancer use of digestive and systemic Enzymes; including dosage.
Dr. Wong’s comments on enzyme dosage to address high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Dr. Wong’s comments on detoxification symptoms when starting enzymes.
Enzyme options and dosage for cancer patients.
Implementing the enzyme protocol for cancer.
Stopping the enzyme protocol for 5 days to release toxic die off.
Types of toxic die off.
Coffee enemas and toxic die off.
How did Cherie implemented the enzyme protocol?
When enzyme protocols become cost prohibitive; option 2.
Maintenance dose of enzymes once the cancer is in remission or under control.
Colostomy or other issues that come to mind.
Stopping enzyme supplementation prior to any surgeries.

Duration: 36:36