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Chapter 17: Pain Management



Enzymes to reduce pain and inflammation.
Case example of pulling off an autoimmune attack and severe inflammation reduction; including improved circulation.
The use of cayenne pepper.
Addressing the issue of Ascites.
Scarring of the liver.
Edema and inflammation; additional type of enzyme supplementation.
Ascites additional options.
Nausea relief.
Ascites, edema of the legs and ankles; releasing buildup of fluids.
DMSO continues to amaze me.
DMSO Gel form and its external application for pain, swelling, trauma, inflammation and a great deal more.
Sounds like DMSO is your best friend.
Working with the DMSO Gel, medications and general warnings.
Common sense examples when using DMSO.
Brain inflammation and DMSO.
The use of niacin (vitamin B3) for Ascites.
Coffee enemas for major pain relief.
Pain relief and the application of Castor oil packs in drawing out toxins.
Castol oil packs and liver cancer cases.
Flax oil for pain control.
Pain control using Bentonite Clay mud packs in drawing out toxins for internal and external use.
BRAT has been used by many to stop or control Diarrhea issues.
Charlotte Gerson’s book “Healing the Gerson Way”.
Bentonite clay application for external use including bath.
Case example of using the Pain Triad.

Duration: 31:58