Chapter 18
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Chapter 18: Dr. Richardson; Vitamins B17 “Laetrile” and B15



The use of Vitamin B17 (commonly referred to as Laetrile) has been used by clinics and individuals worldwide.
Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) and pain relief.
Dr. Ernst T Krebs Jr., researcher and one of the developers of laetrile believes the lack of Vitamin B17 in our diet, along with…
The search for a medical doctor having used vitamin B17 laetrile in his medical practice with patient documentation.
Dr. John A. Richardson, M.D. and the cancer clinic experience.
Dr. Richardson and Dr. Krebs discussing the theoretical model and the practical application of B17 Laetrile.
Vitamin B17 and B12 are known as cyanide containing compounds.
How does the body break this down safely and assimilate?
The enzyme factor is equally important.
What did Dr. Richardson do with the information provided by Dr. Krebs.
Confirming the theory in the preclinical syndrome of stopping the cancer; Dr. Richardson said “I was curious what effect B17 and the combination of other vitamins would have on such cases”.
How did Dr. Richardson administer the Amygdalin B17.
Reports of reduction in pain, increased appetite and much more.
Dr. Richardson increasing dosage level of B17 and addressing diet.
The results told us immediately.
They came to us for a last resort of miracles.
No longer were we treating a lump or bump but treating the body in its totality.
When the word got out the inevitable happened.
Cancer statistics 5-year survival.
They’re working on those cures; Interfering with the status quo.
How was Dr. Richardson B17 protocol and metabolic therapy administered?
Similar B17 protocol options; Dr. Contreras “Oasis of Hope”.
What’s your take on the safety of Vitamin B17?
Cherie’s implementation of the Vitamin B17 protocol, vitamin B15 and the apricot seeds.
Apricot seeds and nausea.
Introduction into Cherie’s protocol of the Vitamin B17, B15, apricot seeds and issues encountered.
Countries not allowing the import of Vitamin B17.
Case example 1; Glioblastoma brain cancer and the patients use of the B17 in IV form, B15 and apricot seeds.
Purchasing of products used in the case example.
How did the protocol work for him?
What changed during the 6-month period.
I think the moral of the story…
Case example 2; another very interesting brain cancer case what the MRIs were revealing.
Their constant reference to God and asking for the blessing of healing and remission.

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