Chapter 19
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Chapter 19: Cherie Fighting for Her Life; Initiating a Black Salve Protocol; Controlling Severe Bleeding; Anemia



Ten years later and in trouble again.
A blessing from God with his hands guiding me.
You are right about my reluctance in talking about this; people are getting in way over their head.
Pain, bleeding, infections and complications resulting in…
I warned Cherie about getting out of this line of work due to the toxic chemicals she was working with daily.
Tumor developed in opposite breast.
She didn’t have the fire like before.
Frequency generator.
Checking for cavitation using a biological dentist; possible relationship to the breast tumor.
Cherie’s use of Thermography.
Cherie fast becoming overwhelmed.
Checking with a surgeon to de-bulk the breast tumor.
Using a frequency generator with plasma tube to test impact on this tumor.
Surgeon’s recommendation.
Cherie’s ultrasound results.
Surgeon’s examine complete; Cherie said, “you can forget that right now and I will do it my way”.
The major mistake was not monitoring Cherie’s tumor.
Cherie’s use of Amazon Tonic III.
My use of the Amazon Tonic III.
Are you talking about the possible use of Black Salve?
Referral to a surgeon for a second opinion.
Cherie realized she was just about to hit a brick wall and something needed to be done in a more aggressive manner.
I have heard you refer to the Black Salve and Amazon Tonic as…
A good friend explains to Cherie, “as I see it you have 3 choices”.
Tumor broke through the breast and bleeding.
Black slave and products needed.
Getting in way over your head very quickly.
How did Cherie control the bleeding?
What did Cherie use for wound healing and infection?
Cherie’s use of Angstrom Silver or possible Colloidal Silver.
Cherie’s use of the wound dressing gel.
Additional products Cherie used.
When the tumor broke through how did you handle this?
Extremely graphic picture presentation “for educational purposes only” in application of the black salve protocol to Cherie’s tumor – not for viewing by children.
Cherie’s accidental trauma to the tumor; resulting in an arterial bleed.
What did you do to stop this bleeding? This cauterized the wound in less than 30 seconds.
Why not to get involved in something like this.
Something else comes to mind here and that is a caretaker who is capable.
Some big issues encountered including daily changing of bandages, cleaning of the wound, additional small bleeding issues, reapplication and what to expect in removal of the bandage each day; my daily prayer.
What am I going to do with this?
How did you go about addressing Cherie’s wound?
Addressing Cherie’s constipation issue caused by the painkillers.
In picture 12: addressing the raw area with the option of using the black salve or the golden salve.
If you hadn’t documented Cherie’s case with these photos as you went along, I don’t think anyone would have ever believed.
Handling the pain with the pain killers not working as well and Cherie wants to give up.
Seeking the doctor’s help.
The doctor’s review of Cherie’s pictures, examination of the tumor and wound.
Cherie’s outpatient surgery and the doctor’s comments.
Rebuilding Cherie’s hemoglobin.
The next appointment with the doctor.
Seeing the results of the surgery for the first time.
Wound vac or the use of Golden Salve; the doctor’s response.
Problems developed again; cancer in the wound and the doctor’s comments.
Continuing to draw cancer from the wound; additional pictures.
Seems like a never-ending battle.
Wow, what a story and by the way look at…
The Cherie interview.
Having to adjust the Cellect-Budwig protocol to a maintenance level during the black salve procedure.
How long did the black salve protocol take from start to finish?
Other issues come to mind dealing with such a large tumor, infections or bleeding issues; Fungating cancer wounds.
Basic blood work up; blood platelets too low, blood clotting issues; platelet transfusion and blood transfusions.
Chinese product used to stop or control bleeding.
Cancer patients addressing anemia; additional (Dr. Kelley’s thoughts).
Do you have any final thoughts in this area?

Duration: 81:25