Chapter 23
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Chapter 23: Frequency Generators



What is a frequency generator, what do they do, and what is the story behind them?
Dr. Rife and his first microscope with its ability to see.
Dr. Rife’s construction of other instruments enabled him to electronically destroy specific.
Barry Lynes, an investigative reporter, wrote…
Identifying and classifying disease causing microorganisms.
The co-worker said “Dr. Rife finally got the cultures on the slide, released the whole dog gone flood of power, and the dog gone little things”.
“It was one of the most magnificent sight of human control and endurance that I had”.
Dr. Rife met with intrigue, skepticism and…
Doctors working with his frequency machines, research, and the results of the 1934 clinical trial.
I imagine when this information surfaced this didn’t go over well. The attempt to obliterate the research information, machines, and destroy Dr. Rife and his work.
The research goes underground.
Reflection of a very sad period during this time of an amazing.
A very good website for information on Dr. Rife, his work and actual interviews of Dr. Rife, including the people and doctors that knew him.
A new generation of frequency generators.
Technical information on the Rife machine to separate the good from the bad.
I thought the information provided was excellent, so people don’t end up with a frequency generator that…
ICRF purchased several the frequency generators with the specifications mentioned to evaluate.
They are not sold as medical devices and no medical claims.
The problem for these agencies is that there is a great deal of information and claims on the Internet of how effective…
If only a drug can cure a disease, then where are all the cures?
Learning through observations and feedback from people who have used the frequency generators for their individual health issues; case results.
Independent Cancer Research Foundation “ICRF” purchased two frequency generators for testing…
The thought of using frequencies to destroy microbial bacteria or viruses in the similar manner a soprano singer can shatter a crystal glass.
When was the first time anyone used the ICRF frequency generators?
ICRF Case 1 observation; head and neck cancer metastasized to the lungs.
What did you think when she said that? I thought “Wow” this is going to be; you sound like you were a skeptic then…
What went through your mind when you heard that? Frankly it blew me away when I heard this pain had reduced overall by…
Possible detoxing symptoms.
I think the length of time away has allowed…
One cannot hit and miss and if you think…
Then that was the last observation of her case after she purchased a frequency generator. Do you know what happened with her?
Dr. Rife was asked about that in an article that was written.
Any other cases using a frequency generator that you could mention.
Email contact case of a malignant high-grade sarcoma tumor I found very interesting.
Husband advised doctors acknowledging chemotherapy and radiation treatments failing; turning to the alternative for his wife and had purchased a frequency generator with plasma tube.
When was the next time you heard from him?
Struggling in trying to get her to eat as she was nauseated and had lost 50 pounds. The nurse suggested I give her – and it was like someone had flipped a switch on in her body and she began to eat.
Using common sense.
What other case examples have you seen frequency generators used in non-cancer issues?
Case example; shingles virus.
Shingles in the scalp, neck and by her left ear moving towards left eye.
Frequency generator used; once a day for 4 days and that…
What works for one-person may not…
I have observed many cases where the frequency generator was used for different health issues; bacterial infections, viruses and parasites.
Have you used the frequency generator?
Did Cherie use the frequency generator?
Any other cases come to mind using frequency generators?
Lyme disease; observation of 2 severe cases.
I saw a dramatic…

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