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Chapter 24: Lyme Disease; John and Jeremy’s Battle including use of Frequency Generator



Jeremy: I will go over a brief history of what I went through in struggling with Lyme disease.
Doctor after doctor with incorrect diagnosis.
A physically devastating struggle.
Seeking the help of a Lyme-literate doctor.
Jeremy, what’s the story of your diagnosis?
Time to look on my own, where to take this journey, and I turned to a Lyme-literate doctor.
I went the antibiotic route and realized God intervened.
How we used the protocol to recover our health.
Frequency generator; the machine can send the frequencies giving us the upper hand.
In the Lyme’s world, it’s a huge deal people using these machines.
The first time I ended up spending all weekend…
Jeremy: what was your experience in using the frequency generator?
The reason we felt so bad was from the Herxheimer Reaction (the body detoxing). How was this addressed?
My worst symptom for years was head pain, as if someone was driving an ice pick.
The only thing that ever relieved my head pain was…
Jeremy, in your case what were some of the things you used to relieve the Herx reaction?
One of the main ways Lyme evades our immune system is by creatin.
The biofilm busting enzyme.
Horizontal Gene Transfer.
Lyme can exchange information.
Rheumatoid Arthritis-type systems.
In your case, Jeremy, what did you experience with the die off created by these enzymes?
Let’s talk about how the co-infections and the weird vector borne diseases found in insects end up in us.
Frequency generators and co-infections.
Jeremy, what issues did you encounter with co-infections?
Depression, anxiety and neurological issues, but as we progressed…
Diet and Lyme disease.
The dairy aspect.
Gluten and Lyme disease.
The diet struggle.
Cellect-Budwig launched me into recovery.
Diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s; brain spec scan.
Within 10 days of implementing the Cellect-Budwig protocol.
Jeremy, what did you notice when you started using the protocol?
John, I can’t stress diet enough and would like to mention…
We have talked privately about our faith and what it means.
I had the will to live…

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