Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: The Juicing Protocol



Six reasons for juicing.
Dr. Gerson, M.D. – changing the internal terrain of the body.
Checking alkalinity/acidity, urine and saliva PH of the body.
My thoughts on live food enzymes.
Dr. Budwig – power of electrons, electromagnetic fields and light energy.
Body Electric, bio photons, light energy and body’s cell voltage drop.
Sun light and your health.
Percentage of raw diet vs. cooked.
Juicer options – centrifugal vs. masticating.
My thoughts on a juicing protocol.
The Bible to Cancer.
What can I eat?
Thoughts on a recommended juicing protocol.
Thoughts on making juices throughout the day.
Starting juicing for the first time.
Cleaning of produce.
Diabetics and juicing.
My thoughts when juicing for the very sick.
Juicing is the first start of the Cellect/Budwig protocol.
Juicing where stomach feeding tubes are involved.
Do you believe juicing is the answer to chronic and terminal diseases?
When juicing, diet and life style changes don’t work.
Thoughts on the Gerson Protocol.

Duration: 25:51