Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: Cellect, Including Individual Case Observations



Discovering Cellect; initial observations and comparing success rates.
Dr. Fred Eichhorn, MD – background and his personal battle with cancer; understanding his research.
My thoughts on DNA sequencing, improper cellular instructions and cells multiplying out of control in one area of the body or throughout.
Nutritional deficiency or change alters DNA instructions resulting in incorrect body chemistry.
Differentiating between dead and live cancer cells in review of scans.
Cancer and tumors becoming life threatening and totally out of control.
God created man.
Proprietary blend of minerals and proper electrical charges.
Addressing amino acids, protein and chromosome imbalance.
Simple domino effect, diagnosis and the panic sets in.
Taking a step back; the patient’s choice.
Cancer out running the patient’s protocol; the swimming pool effect.
Missing links between alternative protocols and protocols interfering with one another.
Joyce’s Story; 1st ever to use the protocol.
Bill’s Story; 2nd person to use the protocol.
Bonnie’s Story; relating additional information to Bill.
Mike, do you know what day this is?
Chemotherapy/radiation damaging cell memory and DNA sequencing.
Joe’s Story.
Vibe machine/Quantum pulse.
Garland’s Story.
Getting worse before getting better.
The sun’s role in Garland’s remission.
Information for backing off supplementation and letting the body detox.
I’ve had some chemo/radiation. Will this affect cell memory and proper DNA sequencing?
Personal observations of excessive chemo/radiation treatments.
Quality of life and blessings of remission.
The nutritional supplement, Cellect.
Purchase options, dosage and taste.
Cellect recipes and items to avoid; issues with peanut butter.
Diabetics, bad fats; wounds that won’t heal.

Duration: 60:53