Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: Thoughts on Taking Cellect, Including Individual Patient Conditions



Cellect recipes that are not compatible with Cellect-Budwig.
Rules for not consuming flax oil and cottage cheese around the same time as Cellect.
Introduction of cod liver oil in combination of Cellect-Budwig.
Addressing issues in swallowing capsules and tablets.
Cod liver oil or fish oil.
Additional details of how people are consuming Cellect.
Diarrhea or constipation issues.
How long will a container of Cellect last and how much do I take.
Shocking the swimming pool.
Seeking financial help for the cost of implementing nutritional supplementation.
Once in remission the importance of maintaining nutritional.
Supplementation; what could happen if I don’t?
Nutritional supplementation of Cellect for the very sick; thoughts and dosage.
Cellect, children and dosage.
Mother’s use of Cellect while pregnant, breast-feeding and baby bottles.
Cellect and stomach feeding tubes.
Bed bound and cannot eat or drink; what can a family do?

Duration: 15:43