Chapter 8
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Chapter 8: Important Information; Vitamins B, D and Testing



Cellect where additional supplementation maybe needed.
Micronutrient Blood Test Information.
Testing Outside the US.
Recommendation on B vitamins where needed.
What if I don’t have access to the testing.
Bed bound and have not had any nutritional supplementation.
Serious health issues created by a lack of B vitamins.
Vitamin B6; vital for energy production and essential in transporting oxygen throughout the body.
Test case observations “The Doctor That Looked at Hands”.
B6 deficiency; example edema in pregnant woman from being water logged; some losing up to 50 pounds of water weight in a few days.
Dr. Ellis recommendation for the correct B6 product and proper dosage.
Thoughts on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and proper dosage.
Adequate Vitamin D level and proper dosage.
Dr. Mercola’s comments on the safety of tanning beds.
Testing Vitamin D deficiency and understanding the test is extremely important.
Vitamin D deficiencies linked to…

Duration: 21:14