Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: Address the Iodine Deficiency; Addition of the Nutritional Product Cellect



Cellect: is there an adequate amount of iodine.
Dr. David Brownstein, MD author of “Iodine Why You Need It”.
The Iodine study involving over 4,000 cases revealing.
Iodine and cancer.
Dr. Kelley’s three trigger mechanisms of cancer.
Breast cancer and the iodine relationship.
Chronic illness, health issues and symptoms associated with an iodine deficiency.
Fibrocystic breast disease, cyst formation and enzyme supplementation.
Severe headaches and migraines.
Why won’t my PH balance?
Salt and cancer.
Balancing an iodine deficiency; 3 types of people.
In the 1st case of balancing an iodine deficiency.
Possible allergic reactions to taking iodine.
Lugol’s iodine/iodide in Solution Dosage.
My use of the Iodoral 12.5 mg iodine/iodide tablet form.
Monitoring for activation of iodine.
Maintenance dose of iodine supplementation.
My iodine is not activating “person 2”.
Niacin and its unique characteristics.
Niacin, bleeding and notes of caution.
My basal cell temperature is normal/possible infection “person 3”.
Iodine Spot Loading Test.
Recapping the 3 types of people with iodine deficiency.
Tumors and topical application of iodine.
Cellect-Budwig protocol; step 4 addition of the nutritional product.
Cellect including Cellect-Budwig notations through observations.

Duration: 45:18