Eddie and Dawn

“My Cancer journey began: March 1st 2012, when I had my first violent seizure while at work, I was rushed to E.R. They found a mass on my C.T. scan but wasn’t 100% sure if it was a tumor or if I may have had a stroke, so they decided (Praise God) that it would be best if they sent me to another Hospital “name removed” because of their experience with brain tumors/ Cancer. The M.R.I. scan that was taken in E.R. confirmed that there was a mass that they thought needed to have a biopsy to determine for sure what it was.

I had a biopsy March 5th 2012 and it was determined to be a stage (3) brain tumor. (Antineoplastic Astrocytoma – Right front lobe); (Life expectance without treatment – months, & with treatment 2 – 5yrs.). I started having seizures from that point on, after the biopsy, it was determined after the biopsy that I needed to have surgery to remove the tumor; this was first attempted on March 21st 2012, it couldn’t be done because the tumor was too interwoven into my brain, so the surgeon decided it wasn’t worth the chance of trying to get it out so He decided to close me back up & see if Chemo & Radiation would help make it more defined & able to be removed.

Because Doctors know everything that is best for us, we trusted their suggestion to have 6 weeks of Chemo pills & pin point Radiation. After that was completed, I had another M.R.I. to compare to the first one; both the Radiologist & my Oncologist were pleased because the tumor had not grown, it also had not shrunk, which is what we were all expecting to happen. Their next suggestion was maintenance Chemo, which was a dose that was 3 times stronger than what I had been taken; at this point we had some serious praying & decisions to make.

I decided that considering the way the first Chemo made me feel, that a heavier dose would be unbearable; but if we don’t do what the doctors said, what were we going to do?

Luckily, my wonderful wife was good at researching on – line for alternative Cancer healing processes; were she discovered alternative natural healing protocols like Max Gerson (juicing, coffee enemas & other natural protocols) in Mexico & Dr. Lorraine Day (also juicing & vegan diet) in California; these were both too far away & too expensive, & what “no eating meat or no sugar is she crazy”?

We decided to take a little info from both & give it a try, we started this August 15th 2012; I didn’t think I would ever be able to do the Vegan diet however, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it to be. I had several victories, (such as the tumor getting defined enough to try to be removed for the 2nd time) & some setbacks the rest of the year of 2012 & the beginning of 2013, including a total of 5 brain surgeries (2 of which caused by Chemo & Radiation) & my Cancer being upgraded from stage 3 to stage 4 after the tumor was removed; at that point I was told that if I didn’t get on some strong Chemo & fast, I may not make it another month.

We knew we were not going back on Chemo however this got us back to what are we going to do now, of course it meant even more intense prayer & research; My wife (Dawn) found Cancer tudor.com on – line, we read & listen to the info provided & one of the videos ended with a way of talking with a counselor, so we contacted Mike V. & we Skyped April 2013 & he provided us the information through each protocol step by step including Cellect/ Budwig.

We took the information provided and followed to the letter & prayed for God’s favor & mercy the rest of the year 2013, 3 months after starting the protocol. I started noticing more energy & less pain, then 4 months after, the tumor was GONE except for a small web like spot on my MRI scan, most likely scar tissue, my Oncologist said he didn’t even consider it a tumor any more. (Dr. “name removed” my Oncologist said “He was very surprised to see me, because most people with stage 4 brain Cancer, he doesn’t get a chance to see them again :). Then 7 months after: Nov. 14th. 2013 – God intervened NO MORE TUMOR showing on my M.R.I. scan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Life expectance: Eternity).

As of March 7th 2016 M.R.I. – everything is still clean & clear, No Cancer!!!!!!

I plan to continue on with the plan for at least 5 yrs., or until I’m completely healed (strengthing & rebuilding my left side).”