“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for saving my life. I was working one day and lost my peripheral vision on my left side. Shortly after I was in the emergency room. An MRI revealed I had a brain tumor. I had surgery to removed the lesion and then my cancer journey began. I was told it was an astrocytoma and a rare one since only 59 patients had a similar characteristic. Needless to say, those 59 patients did not survive for long. When I was told that they don’t keep a record of patients who do not follow standard protocol of Chemo and Radiation, I realized the standard protocol did not offer any hope. In fact, most likely led to these patients early demise.

My sister took charge of my health treatments. She utilized the information from your website and established dietary and exercise protocols that changed my life. 2 months after brain surgery, I was lifting weights, riding my motorcycle and healthier than ever. My ph is Alkaline and my blood test are normal. I know I’m cured!!!. I also know if I had did the standard cancer protocol I would not be so joyful of my health.Thank you for not only your information of truth but the encouragement. Please keep up the good work and God Bless you all.”