Protocol Highlights

Five Important Features of the Cellect Budwig Protocol

  1. The key product in this protocol is a nutritional powder called Cellect, which has shown excellent results with all forms of cancer and many other chronic or terminal health issues.
  2. The Budwig Diet restores the electrical charge in the cells.
  3. Electromedicine has the ability to safely and quickly remove cancer cells from the body. It also shrinks tumors, quickly in many cases, and it can reduce pain dramatically. It may not apply in some types of cancer or be cost prohibitive to many. The Cellect-Budwig protocol may be used without the the use of a frequency generator. This information is covered in video series.
  4. Laetrile or B17 has been a major cancer treatment for several decades. It selectively kills cancer cells safely. It does not kill cancer cells so fast that it creates dangerous debris.
  5. Vegetable juicing is critical for two major reasons. First, several vegetables are very high in anti-cancer nutrients. Second, by focusing on vegetable juice you are crowding out the bad foods that most people eat.