“Five years ago my son (26 years old) developed a brain tumor and I immediately started reading (mostly on the internet) about brain cancer and the road ahead. I soon discovered the (chemical) medical world could only offer him (according to oncologists) a 2.8% chance for recovery. While his chance for spontaneous remission was 11%. To me that meant that they would only diminish his chances for remission. And that did not sit well with me. As a result I got into the possibilities offered by other (alternative) modi of medicine.

After being confused to the extreme by conflicting theories and protocols I eventually got to Cancer Tutor and found some real guidance there. It also informed me about your work and I ordered your CD set – which I found extremely informative.

Armed with this knowledge and helped by the guidance of the God in whom I believe we started my son on a mixture of different protocols – including Bud wig + supplements (spaced in a way as to cause minimum possible interference between them). The main problem was that we live in South Africa which prevented us for getting everything we needed and made it was extremely expensive.

However, during the three months we did this, his fits increased daily and he decided to have brain surgery. During the surgery they were only able to remove 40% of the tumor. After analysis of the tumor the doctor informed us that he had GBM… and only 6 months to live.

My son decided to have both chemotherapy and radiation. Against the doctors orders we (however) kept up our “protocol” during all this time. The net result was that he did not have a single negative symptom from either the chemo or the radiation. And we saw him steadily improve.

When he went back for his first MRI their was no sign of any cancer. Even the 60% they left behind was gone. Today (5 years later) he is still alive and well and fully functioning. After his last MRI the neurologist told him that their was no sign that he ever had cancer. His brain has fully healed.

And my point: I have experienced the difference that alternative therapies can make in the life of my son!”