Begin your Cellect-Budwig Protocol, detailed and explained in our extensive video sets. Our store lets you choose from the Format Purchase Options below.

Coaching Available: Advanced Consultation

Skype Video Consultation with Tiffany Redel (daughter of Mike Vrentas): $250.00

  • Recommendations for personalizing the protocol
  • Assistance with questions and concerns
  • Email support as needed

Please Note:

  • Consultations may also be purchased with either the Digital or DVD option to ensure timely scheduling, as consultations are normally booked out 1-2 weeks in advance. This period will give you time to go through the video course prior to the consultation.
  • Consultations are subject to a $100 cancellation fee.

Live Consultation (Skype)
Live Consultation (Skype)
Tiffany is the daughter of Michael Vrentas and has been working closely with clients of the Cellect Budwig Protocol for 5 years.



Digital Videos

Just the SALE PRICE of $79.95 provides you with the entire set of 14+ hours of videos in 25 chapters, playable on any device that uses a standard web browser.

Digital Videos
Digital Videos
This digital version is available to you online as a “video course” from our companion website. You will receive the site's address and access code by email after purchasing the digital version. Once registered, view any of the online videos anywhere you have an internet connection: home, library, coffee shop, anywhere, as many times as you want - and there's no time limit!

This $79.95 version includes the digital-video course with .mp3 audio downloads available from the same site. Also includes a comprehensive, 50-page document collecting all the resources mentioned. This online set by itself does not include physical DVDs, CDs, or transcripts.



DVD Boxed Set

DVD Boxed Set
DVD Boxed Set
The entire collection of 14 hours, 25 topic chapters of the Cellect-Budwig Protocol on four DVDs contained in a professionally-produced boxed set for the SALE PRICE of $89.95

DVD #1 Contains Chapters 1 – 6
DVD #2 Contains Chapters 7 – 14
DVD #3 Contains Chapters 15 – 19
DVD #4 Contains Chapters 20 – 25



Bundle Package

Three Part Bundle Package
Three Part Bundle Package
Video Bundle SALE PRICE $99.95 Includes:

One 4-DVD Boxed Set

One Online Digital Video Set for Purchaser

One Online Digital Video Set for a Friend


See Our Refund Policy for Online Videos, DVDs or the Bundle Package.


Also Available: 2009 Edition, Boxed set of Audio-only CDs

This is the original Cellect-Budwig Audio CD Series released by Mike Vrentas in 2009.

The set consists of 5 audio CDs which contain 5 hours of information in an interview format

This audio CD set is not the current edition of the Cellect-Budwig and More Video SeriesIt can still be purchased (while supplies last) for a special price of $29.95 (non-refundable).

CD Boxed Set
CD Boxed Set
Original Cellect-Budwig Audio CD Series