“My wife’s breast tumor was the size of an almond near the surface just under the skin. We could feel it easily three weeks ago. Now we have a hard time finding it. While we are excited we are still cautious, and will remain so. Here is what we are doing, which is not perfect, but will continue to study and learn. We will perfect it all after working with you on the Skype call.

1 – We LOVE the Budwig cottage cheese and flax oil! My wife can eat the 8/16 tablespoons ratio a day with no problem. I eat it too. Have been doing this much for only two weeks. We follow the directions on Cancer Tutor exactly to make it. No problem keeping it down is as good as ice cream!

2 – We have been juicing for a month. She drinks a half gallon a day of carrot, apple, beet mix, I do too when I have enough time to make a gallon of it.

3 – She is taking iodine each day for about 14 days now.

4 – She is taking selenium drops daily, also taking liver pills.

5 – She took baking soda twice a day for 30 days then stopped as she did not want to over-do it.

6 – We eat no meat, dairy, etc. No animal product foods. Few cooked foods, only steamed veggies.

7 – We are doing the coffee enemas. Was not easy at first, but now getting it down.

8 – She did a 5-day colon cleanse with a milk thistle formula.

9 – She feels great, and still works driving that 18-wheeler on the construction job for 12 hours a day, driving some 400 miles a day and hauling several loads.

10 – Had the PET scan but still do not have complete results, but so far it appears the cancer has not spread to other parts of her body. Her Docs are having a fit because she is refusing surgery, chemo, and radiation, and all drugs. However, we are still not sure about the surgery, she may, or may not do it. Still trying to decide, but that is ALL she wants to do, if anything.

11 – Want very much to get the Rife Machine. What a fascinating story on Royal Rife.

12 – Have not started the Cellect as I want to make sure we do that right too. Will continue to read and listen to Cds to prepare for that when we talk on Skype.

Looking forward to the information and getting all of this perfected. Spending a lot of time reading in Cancer Tudor, so much to read and learn, but all good. Lots of wonderful work there which must have taken years to do it all.”