“My wife was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in October 2011. In March 2012, it was transformed into diffused large b-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). She went through 6 cycles of chemo called R-chop within 3 months and achieved remission.

At end of 2012, her DLBCL come back. She went through 3 cycles chemo called ICE followed by auto-stem cell transplant in March 2013. She achieved remission.

In August 2013, her DLBCL come back confirmed by CT. I consulted you about Cellect/Budwig therapy and started therapy in September 2013.

So far she is doing very well and her doctor could not figure out why she is fine until now. We did not tell him what we are doing, as our previous experience show doctors are not happy with patients seeking alternative therapies;but he said she is strangest patient he seen. My wife did not perform any CT check since Aug 2013 due to radioactive concern, but she did blood check every few months. The result is all good, so we almost forget it now.

The result is amazing. I think cottage cheese/flaxseed oil, Cellect powder and b17 tablets, etc are key stuff and it’s easy to follow.

That is the testimonial for us. Thanks once again for your research on chronic disease. Result is amazing.”