“In September 2011, at the age of 62, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It was a total surprise as I had no idea I had cancer or was even sick at all. I immediately was hospitalized and treated with traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Six months later I had a stem cell transplant at Emory University and after recovery I was in remission.

I continued under the care of an oncologist and eventually the myeloma returned and I returned to chemotherapy treatment. This seemed like a continuous cycle I would be on. My wife Karen learned of naturopathic treatments and began to study them intensely. I later joined her in learning about alternative methods to treating cancer, ones that were not so destructive to the rest of the body. It became apparent to us that if I stayed on traditional chemotherapy that I would eventually succumb to the side effects of the treatment.

Through a website called The Cancer Tutor (and other sources) we learned of natural protocols developed by Dr. Budwig as well as Dr. Gerson and a learned about a powdered body building product called Cellect. These protocols consisted of a diet of primarily fresh vegetable juices and a mixture made of cottage cheese and flax seed oil which enhanced the natural immune system and also destroyed cancer cells without the side effects of chemotherapy. To implement the natural therapies we had a video consult with Tiffany Redel from Road to Health. Tiffany was very helpful in explaining how to implement the protocols which supplemented the reading we had done. She also explained what foods to avoid. She has also been available for follow up questions when we needed some clarification or reassurance.

While on these protocols I have also been on an antibody cancer treatment (which is not traditional chemotherapy). It is a treatment which uses an antibody that targets specifically multiple myeloma cells without destroying any other cells. It is similar to the treatment that former President Jimmy Carter successfully underwent for his brain cancer.

With this combination of natural food protocols, Cellect and the antibody treatment I have seen a dramatic reduction in my cancer marker (a blood test result which measures a protein like cell which is an indicator of multiple myeloma activity). Normal amounts of this marker in healthy people are from 0-20. I have seen my count reduced from over 4400 to about 300 over a period of months.

It is not all easy. Multiple myeloma leaves one’s bones brittle. In June of last year I had a spontaneous fracture of my upper right humerus bone. It took about 6 months to heal. Then in December I learned that I had several brittle vertebra in my neck which were compromising my spinal column. At the end of January 2017 I had two neck fusion surgeries to stabilize my spinal column. I have recently seen my surgeon (who is an oncological neurosurgeon, one of only 11 in the country) and he is here in Atlanta at Emory University. He said my surgery is one of the most successful he has done, even though it was very serious, and my recovery is ahead of schedule and somewhat miraculous. On April 3, 2017 I am returning to work full time and I am pleasantly surprised at the flexibility and mobility of my neck.

I am very thankful to my wife for taking the initiative to learn about natural therapies. I believe they have greatly contributed to my fight against cancer and I will continue to use them in the future as they have no harmful side effects. I am also grateful to the practitioners who have developed the natural healing methods even in the face of institutional opposition. Tiffany Redel and Road to Health have been a great source of information and an available resource to continue to refine our course of natural treatment of cancer.”