Note: This was a part of an email conversation between friends. Lisa tells a friend about Mike and Cancer Tutor.

“Sorry to hear about your brother in laws diagnosis. I was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer last December. It was completely unexpected. I went in for routine gall bladder surgery. My surgeon saw nothing suspicious during surgery and everything went well. As you probably know, they always send your gall bladder out for testing. When it came back from pathology they said my gall bladder was completely full of cancer, to the point of mush.

The concern was that it had spread to my liver and surrounding lymph nodes. I was scheduled for surgery to remove part of my liver and lymph nodes. After a LOT of research, I came across cancer tutor, and then hooked up with Mike & the rest is history. Within a few months my cancer was gone. Up to this point I have remained cancer free. I still follow the protocol on a scaled back version. Enzymes, Budwig 1-2x daily, Cellect once daily and juice a few times daily! I feel great! So much better than I had for years.

I credit Mike & cancer tutor with saving my life. When I was diagnosed they gave me 3 months-2 years to live. Reading about it online was very scary and NOT the least bit encouraging. I’m sure you have been reading as well. Don’t feel discouraged. Given the right nutrition our bodies know what to do! There is always hope until someone has taken their last breath. Mike is right. The Lord decides who lives and dies. But I will tell you this. Even if your brother-in-law doesn’t make it, if he follows the protocol, his quality of life will be GREATLY improved.

DO EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN AFFORD! Listen to the Cd’s as quickly as possible, then DO THE CONSULT! I made the mistake of putting it off, waiting on this and that. When I finally talked to Mike I found there were a LOT of gaps in what I was doing! Follow the information and Don’t waste time! I had a woman come all the way from California to Indiana for me to help support her while she was doing the protocol. She had advanced cancer & had done a few rounds of chemo & radiation. She was terminal. She & family really drug their feet. Took a few weeks to get them to listen to the cd’s and a few more until they finally called Mike.

While I kept saying “cancer diet, fruits and vegetables” they were buying organic pancake mix! So – follow the protocol to the letter! Time is of the essence. The protocol is time intensive. By the time you make Cellect 4x a day, and Budwig 3-4x a day and juice several times a day, you can imagine – most of your time is spent in the kitchen! It takes a strong support system to get through this! Webster, the “webmaster” of cancertutor.com says, “The protocol is only as good as the diet!” I believe that to be true. Do everything possible to stick with it! There is no burger or pizza worth risking your life for! It can be easy to get into the mentality of ” eating what you like because you may die anyway! ” I would STRONGLY encourage you to read “the China Study” as well.

I will be praying for your brother in law, as well as the family. I understand what a scary time this is. There are moments of panic, moments of hope. Highs & lows. Don’t ride those! Try to keep an even keel. STRESS KILLS! Try laugh therapy! It’s a proven fact laughing boosts our immune system! I think you will find Mike is terrific in that area, as well. Some days my only laughs came from him! I still can’t think about the word “enema” without cracking up! And believe me, I do NOT find that to be a funny subject!! You will like Mike a lot.”