Mike Vrentas
Personal Bio

Mike Vrentas

Alternative Cancer Treatment

The Cellect-Budwig Protocol was specifically designed for cancer patients who need to have an alternative cancer treatment, which starts to become effective within days – not weeks or months.

A member of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, natural cancer treatment pioneer Mike Vrentas developed the successful Cellect-Budwig Protocol.

Early- and Late-Stage Cancers

Mike formulated the Cellect-Budwig Protocol in the wake of first-hand experience, seeing what worked and what did not in both early- and late-stage cancer patients, including his wife Cherie.

Now, he has put together his real-life experiences – including exhaustive research and personal case studies – into a 25-module course designed to be a step-by-step instruction guide for the Cellect-Budwig Protocol.

Seventeen Years of Coaching

During the past 17 years Mike has coached thousands of cancer patients around the world. He has conducted telephone and Skype interviews, as well as email conversations, to help patients using the highly-effective Cellect-Budwig Protocol.