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Other Products and Protocols That May Interfere with Cellect-Budwig

This is an area very difficult to cover, as there are so many products and protocols being used by people throughout the world. The Cellect-Budwig and More protocol, which I wrote and for which my daughter Tiffany provides support, is a very balanced protocol. If a person combines other products or protocols not mentioned in the video series with the Cellect-Budwig protocol it’s most likely going to interfere or negate the electrical charges in the minerals “Cellect”, or the electrical charges created by the combining of the flax oil and cottage cheese “Budwig” – and the protocol has no chance of working.

A very good example would be the use of the different type of water systems that produce alkaline water, or sometimes referred to as “high pH” water. This type of water or any type of water system that adds back in minerals to the water will interfere with the electrical charges or frequencies of the minerals “Cellect” and interfere with the “Budwig” part of the protocol. These should never be used with Cellect-Budwig.

In regards to other protocols being used throughout the world the same applies. In the Cellect-Budwig protocol we are trying to dramatically change the inner terrain of the body, and at the same time provide the body the elements God created man from in an attempt to reset the body’s DNA sequencing. Everything must be done in balance. When using the Cellect-Budwig protocol, high doses of any supplementation should be avoided, unless noted, as it will interfere with the balance of minerals, oils, etc., which the body requires. For example, a person would not want to be using high dose IV Vitamin C, IV glutathione, or IV mistletoe – just to mention a few when doing the protocol. If a person is going to do this, it should be done prior to using Cellect-Budwig. One exception to this would be the use of IV Vitamin B17 “Laetrile” which has been used where appropriate with the protocol (and covered in the video series as well as in consultation).

For more detailed information on products and protocols that may interfere, listen to the video series or DVD. We will also provide you with the “Reference/Resource” document which contains a more-detailed list as well as my thoughts. Open up the Reference/Resource page and scroll down to the Cellect-Budwig list of products and protocols which could possibly interfere with the protocol. Then scroll down to attachment “F” for the complete list.