Protocol Highlights

Published Support for this Protocol

Because Mike Vrentas, who designed this protocol, has a finite amount of time to help cancer patients, and because this is a popular treatment, Mike has produced a video series. This video series includes over 14 hours of life-saving information dedicated to cancer and other debilitating chronic diseases including MS, diabetes, Lyme Disease, Scleroderma, high blood pressure, and much more. The information includes observations and personal experiences battling these types of issues. There is a great deal of critical information in this series.

To be blunt, because of the potential for unexpected symptoms and knowing how to handle them, it is unthinkable to attempt this treatment without the Cellect-Budwig video series. The information in these files is an essential part of this protocol.

Without watching the video series it is almost guaranteed the caregiver will do exactly the wrong thing to deal with the patient’s weakness. I don’t know how else to explain the importance of these lectures. The series can be viewed immediately. You may want to watch the series even if you don’t go on this treatment because it will help any cancer patient on any treatment.

The information Mike has provided in the series is a step-by-step explanation of the protocol in the section above. It includes a great deal of information on individual cases and the science behind the protocol, including the information on how the protocol works to re-balance the basic chemistry of your body. Very important to the protocol as well, is the detailed information on how to identify and deal with detoxification.