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Passing of Michael Vrentas, August 17th 2021

The developer of the Cellect-Budwig protocol, Mike Vrentas, passed away at home in August from complications due to COVID.

In later years, Mike's mind and heart were driven to research alternative cancer protocols. His wife, Cherie, battled cancer twice using natural treatments since chemo was not an option.

When Mike's corporation "Road to Health, Inc." partnered with cancertutor.com, it became possible to produce the Cellect Budwig video series.

After Mike's passing, Cherie considered the options and wishes to continue distributing the Cellect-Budwig protocol through the DVD and online video segments, so that others may still have the option to pursue an additional method for combatting cancer.

The video series "THE CELLECT BUDWIG & MORE” will still be available on a 4-disc DVD set, extending the protocol for global availability. Today, Cherie is still cancer free. Mike never took credit personally, but would say "God healed Cherie. He just used me as His hands”.


Begin your Cellect-Budwig Protocol, detailed and explained in our extensive video sets. Just choose the video format type you prefer.

If you've been considering the Cellect-Budwig protocol for cancer and chronic diseases, this SALE from JANUARY 1st to 31st may be the best time to gather our video materials and FIGHT your battle.

AND the Cellect-Budwig Bonus!

FREE "Audio CD Set (Original)" with purchase of
"Three-part Bundle Package" or "DVD Boxed Set."

We've posted detailed information about the Protocol on our introduction website, including video previews and real testimonials.

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