Protocol Highlights

Treatment 1: Cellect Powder

The key product in this protocol is a nutritional powder called Cellect, which has shown excellent results with all forms of cancer and many other chronic or terminal health issues. Cellect was developed by Fred Eichhorn, ND who is the president of the National Cancer Research Foundation (NCRF).

Fred completed four years of college pre-med and worked as a Surgical Organ Transplant Researcher. He is also a Bio-Chemist and cured himself of pancreatic cancer. The nutritional product Cellect was created as a result of his research¹.

A cancer patient should start out by building up to four scoops a day. The scoop is in the can, but due to shipping may have to be gently removed as it may work its way down into the powder. Children should take smaller doses, and this is thoroughly covered in the video series.

A cancer patient (adults) may find they can advance quickly (starting at 1/2 scoop) to the four scoops or more. In cases of the very ill, one may have to work up very slowly so their body can adjust. This could mean starting with as little as a half scoop of the powder per day, and then work up as their body can handle it.

The video series will help fine tune the usage of the Cellect product in much more detail, including many different case examples. This is a very powerful protocol which is why Skype support is available.

The product Cellect can be purchased by visiting their website However, Cellect is sold through practitioners under the label Trican which could increase its cost.

It is recommended that Cellect be taken in its powdered form.

Cellect also comes in pill or capsule form. However, it takes 25 capsules of Cellect pills to equal one scoop. Thus, for example, if someone wanted to take five scoops of Cellect they would need 125 capsules! For this reason, the capsule form of Cellect is not recommended.

Use the Cellect powder unflavored if possible. Using the flavored requires the consumption of more due to the volume added because of the flavoring. This can become a real issue on higher doses.  Vendor

NCRF Technical Information

Note 1: Do not take the product Cellect and the Budwig Diet products within one and a half hour of each other.

Note 2: Cellect can be taken immediately before or during a meal (to prevent stomach upset) and the cod liver oil capsules which comes with the product should be taken during the meal. This ensures the cod liver oil is not taken within an hour and a half of the Budwig portion.