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Passing of Michael Vrentas, August 17th 2021

The developer of the Cellect-Budwig protocol, Mike Vrentas, passed away at home in August from complications due to COVID.

In later years, Mike’s mind and heart were driven to research alternative cancer protocols. His wife, Cherie, battled cancer twice using natural treatments since chemo was not an option.

When Mike’s corporation “Road to Health, Inc.” partnered with cancertutor.com, it became possible to produce the Cellect Budwig video series.

After Mike’s passing, Cherie considered the options and wishes to continue distributing the Cellect-Budwig protocol through the DVD and online video segments, so that others may still have the option to pursue an additional method for combating cancer.

The video series “THE CELLECT BUDWIG & MORE” will still be available on a 4-disc DVD set, extending the protocol for global availability. Today, Cherie is still cancer free. Mike never took credit personally, but would say “God healed Cherie. He just used me as His hands”.

Introduction to the Cellect-Budwig Series
Introduction to the Cellect-Budwig Series
In this short video presentation, Mike Vrentas, the “author” of the Cellect-Budwig protocol, explains his safe and gentle alternative approach to cancer, without the devastating effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The protocol has achieved remarkable results not only in cancer, but also in other chronic and terminal diseases.


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Webster Kehr, founder of CancerTutor.com noted:

“The Cellect/Budwig Protocol is one of the Crown Jewels of alternative medicine. It is the strongest and fastest acting alternative cancer treatment, which does not have any restrictions. It does not cause inflammation and swelling. It frequently shrinks tumors and reduces pain in a couple of weeks. It can be used by any cancer patient, or advanced cancer patient, dealing with any type of cancer.”


Cherie’s Survival Story
Cherie’s Survival Story
Tiffany interviews Cherie Vrentas about how she beat breast cancer without chemotherapy or radiation. Cherie’s complete story is explained in Chapter 19 of the video series.
How Scotti Beat Brain Cancer
How Scotti Beat Brain Cancer
Tiffany's interview with Scotti and how she beat brain cancer using the Cellect-Budwig protocol.
Gary’s Cancer Story
Gary’s Cancer Story
Tiffany Redel's interview with Gary about his struggle with prostate cancer.

See some additional testimonials we’ve collected from clients over the years.


Early- and Late-Stage Cancer Treatment

DVD Box Front CoverThe Cellect-Budwig Protocol has been designed for any cancer patient, early- or late-stage, but with emphasis on advanced cancer conditions. Unlike other kinds of treatments that may take weeks or months to begin to show results, in many cases Cellect-Budwig has been proven to become effective within days. Even though the emphasis of the protocol focuses on cancer treatment, it has also proven to be effective in many other chronic and terminal health issues.
There is nothing more important than your health, so we always encourage everyone to educate themselves before pursuing an alternative protocol. We offer several video clip previews which give you brief examples of the kind of information contained within the entire video series.




Cellect-Budwig Alternative Protocol Explained

The implementation of the Cellect-Budwig Protocol is thoroughly explained through our Step-by-Step Video Series, which includes real testimonials by those who have successfully implemented the protocol and beat cancer. You will also find a line-by-line index of topics in each of the 25 chapters.

There are several purchasing options for the video course including an on-demand digital version that provides instant access to start watching immediately. If you prefer, we also have a physical DVD set for purchase with the same great information and chapter format.

We also believe in support and assistance for your implementation of the protocol. If you need personalization with your protocol, have specific questions on the protocol contents, or discover other support needs later, a live Skype consultation with Michael’s daughter Tiffany Redel is also available for purchase. She has dedicated countless hours and provided numerous consultations worldwide with those in need.